“the perfect cup of tea”

The Economists’ “more intelligent life” magazine has an article on “the perfect cup of tea”. The picture has a guy in the desert with a shaved head, dressed in red, doing something with a thermos jug. The article talks about a gizmo for making the perfect cup of tea.

But it’s good to see an appreciation of fine tea: “over the past 16 years, tea-sales in the United States alone have grown from $1.8 to $6.5bn, with the largest growth in the high-end and specialty sectors.” (Although the author is a bit confused about green tea: it’s not “lightly fermented” but rather “lightly steamed”.)

Anyway, this reminded me of Omotosenke’s website, and its article on tea rooms and other aspects of traditional Japanese architecture (Omotosenke is one of the three main schools of tea in Japan). Although tea rooms might seem to be very far from traditional country architecture, the tea rooms often evoke a rustic quality. And Takishita-san has incorporated them into some of his reconstructed minka.